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what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools we have to achieve emotional wellness. You might be intrigued about mindfulness, or you might be thinking what many clients say to me - “Laura, are you kidding? I can’t sit for 20 minutes and quietly watch my breath. My mind and body are too active!”


If this is you, that’s totally okay. In fact, we learn mindfulness skills best through interacting with another human mind (that’s me!). As your therapist, I will help you gently start to build mindful awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and internal experiences. All of this occurs as we are talking in therapy, so meditation is not always required.


If you are interested in building your mindfulness skills with some practice, I love to help folks find the practices that are most effective and accessible to them. 

Outdoor Fireplace with two empty Adirondack chairs facing the fire.
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