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at home somatic meditation

In this meditation you’ll find an introduction to body-based mindfulness: how we focus on the body during somatic therapy, and how we use somatic grounding to regulate ourselves while focusing on difficult topics. This is not a “processing” focused meditation but instead is designed to ground and support you.


Whether you are completely new to somatic therapy trying to gain a better understanding of the process, or an existing client trying to continue our somatic work at home, this meditation is a great resource.

Things to keep in mind while exploring this somatic meditation:

  • There is no wrong way to do this

  • You can sit, lay down, walk around as you listen… whatever is most accessible for you

  • If you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortably distressed, stop and take a break

  • This meditation is one-size-fits all, and in somatic therapy we will do somatic processing more focused on what you want to focus on

If you’re interested in exploring this further in a somatic therapy session or learning more about Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, let’s set up a consult!

Somatic MeditationLaura Stephan, PsyD, LP
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