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Laura Stephan, PsyD, LP

Laura Stephan, PsyD, LP. Laura (she/her) is a female clinical psychologist in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul specializing in somatic therapy.



I am Laura (she/her), a Clinical Psychologist providing somatic and relational psychotherapy. I specialize in complex trauma therapy, attachment therapy, chronic illness therapy and overall mind-body healing.


You may have heard that trauma is stored in the body and that somatic therapy can help. My trauma informed therapy approach integrates sensorimotor psychotherapy, which uses your body’s innate wisdom to heal.


For those who have struggled in relationships you might wonder how your upbringing or attachment style has affected you. Relational and sensorimotor psychotherapy can help you build new and healthier relationship patterns.


My clients have often tried many solutions before working with me, and are looking for a different approach or just a place to explore how best to move forward. As your therapist I respect where you are currently at in your journey, and can help you take that next step forward.

therapy focused on trauma, attachment, and mind-body healing

Everyone comes to therapy for a different reason. But we all have nervous systems that are affected by stress and trauma, we all approach relationships based on our early attachment experiences, and we all have minds and bodies that work together to make us feel a certain way.

here’s what you can expect in a therapy session with me:

  • To be met where you’re at. Therapy and processing will happen at a pace that feels right to you.

  • To be welcomed. Everyone in the full spectrum of body size, disability, and chronic illness can experience wellness.

  • To not be blamed. Mental health is a constellation of genes, environment, and the resources we have access to. What you’re experiencing is not your fault, and together we will find the tools to help you feel better.

I have training in various methods of psychotherapy. But the most important thing is what will help YOU, and I will collaborate with you to achieve your goals. My therapy style incorporates both somatic and relational approaches based in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Here’s what each of those methods involve.

somatic therapy uses the body as a guide:

  • Releases emotions that feel “stuck”

  • Doesn’t require verbal processing

  • Provides a powerful way to process trauma

  • Teaches an accessible approach to mindfulness that doesn’t have to involve meditation

relational therapy can help you connect with yourself:

  • Get in touch with your emotions

  • Clarify your goals and values

  • Figure out your needs and boundaries in relationships

it can also improve connections with others:

  • Process trauma from caregivers

  • Learn your attachment style and build secure attachment

  • Build healthier relationship patterns

Learn about my professional background and clinical training.

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Available for virtual (telehealth)* and in person sessions
*in Minnesota and Wisconsin only

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